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Monthly Archives: June 2008

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Has Cancer Touched You? It Has Touched Me!

As a cancer survivor myself, this touches me as close as it possibly could. Not only am I a survivor, I have lost many family members and friends to this horrible disease. 10 Years ago, I finished my treatment for Hodgkin’s Disease. Today I stand

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3521 NE 159th Avenue Home For Sale

Here is a great new listing we have in east Vancouver, WA. It is located just off NE 39th Street and NE 162nd Avenue. This is a wonderful neighborhood just waiting for a new homeowner. This lovely home has just over 2,100 square feet with

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Major Growth In Clark County

New Construction In Clark County Originally uploaded by dalechumbley This last week I had the opportunity to visit the “other” Clark County. That’s right, the one and only Las Vegas. The trip was amazing and I took lots of pictures. You can see them here.

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Fishers Landing Red Robin Fun

Red Robin is always a fun place to go. My family loves the food and the environment. Here is a fun little show to check it out. Get out and enjoy our restaurants. You can find Red Robin by Vancouver Mall or out in Fishers