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Monthly Archives: September 2009

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Vancouver Sausage Fest Time Again!

Cherished memories growing up in Vancouver Once again, the annual Vancouver, WA Sausage Fest is upon us. Born and raised in Vancouver, this annual event has a special place in my heart. People who aren’t from around here don’t really get it. As a kid,

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Monday Market Tracker: 98660 & 98663

Today’s Monday market statistics are brought to you by the numbers 9-8-6-6-0 and 9-8-6-6-3. It is Monday and that means we get to look at some more of our Vancouver area market statistics. Last week we looked at 98661 which includes the Vancouver neighborhoods of

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Foto Friday: Tasty Sweetness

Today is Friday and Friday’s are all about photo’s. I was just enjoying some M&M’s and it made me think about some of the candy pics I’ve taken. Figured, why not share them? So, enjoy some candy! Last but certainly not least… My favorite, the