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Monthly Archives: February 2008

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Chinese Comfort Food

Winter. It’s the time that many people flock to their favorite comfort food. There’s just something about a warm meal of your favorite comfort food that feels so good in the cold weather! Everyone has their favorite type of comfort food. I have two favorites:

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“Tenancy-In-Common” Ownership 101

Q: What exactly is “tenancy-in-common” ownership? A: In simple terms, tenancy in common (sometimes called tenants in common or TIC) is a way for two or more individuals to hold title to an individual property without a “right of survivorship”. This means that each individual

[help] Raise Funds For Tornado Relief

Having just had a tornado hit our unlikely Clark County, WA we should be able to understand a fraction of what the South is currently feeling. Actually, the devastation there makes what happened here seem like a light breeze. They need our help! agentgenius –

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Potential New I-5 Bridge Unveiled

Ever try and get to Portland, OR in the morning on a weekday?  Or try and come into Vancouver, WA in the afternoon?  If you answer yes to either of these questions then you know how badly we need a replacement bridge along I-5 crossing

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Truth About Foreclosures In Clark County, WA

Foreclosures are up!  The sky is falling!  The apocalypse is upon us!  These are the end times!  Tired of the media telling us the world (real estate world that is) is ending? Look at the numbers below and see what is really happening in Clark