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Clark County Real Estate Guide Welcomes 2013!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2013! Wow, it seems like just the other day we were all worrying about Y2K… That’s been 13 years! Crazy how time flies. We’d love to share a couple things happening behind the scenes with the website. Early in 2012

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Inman Connect San Francisco Photos Part 1

Last week I told you I’d be in San Francisco attending the Inman Connect Real Estate conference. Part of the deal for me being there was to officially shoot the photos for Inman. In addition, I got to attend and learn a ton of cool

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Hi, I’m Nick, Give Me A Hug…

Boy, this has been quite a week. There have been some real highs and some real lows. I just came from the funeral of a dear lifelong friend who’s husband lost his battle with cancer last week. As you may know, I’m a cancer survivor

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In Loving Memory of Quinn Driscoll

Quinn, I dont know if there was ever a time where you weren’t smiling… you were truly one of a kind, and it is so hard to know that you are gone, you have brought our whole school together, and we all miss you and

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The Silver Lining

Did you look outside? Yuck! Clouds. Rain. Grey. Typical March weather here in Clark County, Washington. And thanks to Portland’s local Fox affiliate, KPTV, here is our extended forecast: Doesn’t that just warm your heart? This week we are adding to the rain gauge so

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“Tenancy-In-Common” Ownership 101

Q: What exactly is “tenancy-in-common” ownership? A: In simple terms, tenancy in common (sometimes called tenants in common or TIC) is a way for two or more individuals to hold title to an individual property without a “right of survivorship”. This means that each individual

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Clark County Lifts Salmon Creek Moratorium

Today the Board of County Commissioners lifted the two year moratorium in the Salmon Creek and Hazel Dell areas of Clark County. This will pave the way for new development to once again take place in this fast growing area. One of the big issues