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Monthly Archives: April 2008

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New Conforming Loan Limits

In case you haven’t heard, the federal government has changed the conforming loan limits as part of President Bush’s economic stimulus plan. This affects which mortgage loans are considered “conforming loans” and which are considered “jumbo loans”. Jumbo loans carry a higher interest rate than

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Driving to Fort Vancouver…

Driving to Fort Vancouver Originally uploaded by dalechumbley Here is a little video of me driving down Blandford Drive heading to Fort Vancouver for the day. Had a wonderful time at the Fort and you can see all the photos here. If you haven’t been

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Chutneys Indian Cuisine In Fishers Landing

Chutneys Indian Cuisine Originally uploaded by dalechumbley The other day I had the privilege of eating lunch at Chutneys Indian Cuisine in Fishers Landing with a friend of mine. Let me tell you, the food was really excellent! I highly recommend you give this a

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I-5 Bridge Through The Cannon

Fort Vancouver Originally uploaded by dalechumbley I spent an afternoon at Fort Vancouver last week with my daughter. It was a beautiful sunny day with tons of wonderful photo opportunities. Here is a fun little picture of the I-5 Bridge through one of the cannons.