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Monthly Archives: July 2009

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Monday Market Tracker: 98660 & 98663

Today’s Monday market statistics are brought to you by the numbers 9-8-6-6-0 and 9-8-6-6-3. It is Monday and that means we get to look at some more of our Vancouver area market statistics. Last week we looked at 98661 which includes the Vancouver neighborhoods of

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Happy 4th of July Vancouver & America!

Well, today is the day. Independence Day! Our countries birthday. I hope you have a very safe and fun holiday! A few amazing displays of fireworks! Thanks to Joe Penniston for this amazing photo! Thanks to ~Dezz~ for this beautiful display! Thanks to ahockley for

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I’ll Never Be This Realtor!

I was bouncing around the interwebs today and stumbled upon this funny video. Curious how many of you have had a similar experience with any salesperson? Maybe not a Realtor, could be just about any salesperson. I found it to be pretty funny and it