Thank you for 365!

I asked Dale if I could do a post for him on Day 365. Understandably, he wanted to do Day 365 himself, but I was able to wrestle him for day 364. So here goes:

Today, I want to write a “Thank You” to my long time friend Dale Chumbley. If you know Dale personally, you know that he is a very sincere man with several passions that make him very special.

Dales Poker PadOne of Dale’s lighter passions is for Texas Hold’em. Dale has forgotten more about Texas Hold’em than I will ever know. For years, Dale has used Texas Hold’em as a way to bring together old friends and new friends, alike (and to take my money). As I think about it, the real passion here may be bringing people together. I think one of the pre-cursors to 365 were the tweet-ups that Dale did at Whiffies among other places. I am just one of many people who appreciate Dale bringing people together.

Speaking at Inman Agent RebootIt is probably obvious to all of us that Dale is what I call an “internet guru”. It has been amazing to watch all that he has accomplished with Facebook, his blog, and Twitter. Dale has been invited to speak at conferences all over the country in this past year. I think most of us can learn a lot about how to establish an effective internet presence from Dale. I know that I will be using Dale as a consultant for my internet efforts for the next few years.

Dale is also a Realtor with Real Living – The Real Estate Group. Dale’s mother has been in the business for 27 years. And Dale has been working in Real Estate for most of his life. That is one of the reasons I believe “365 Things To Do In Vancouver WA” has been such an amazing success. Dale knows Vancouver and Clark County like few others. Born and raised here—it’s in his blood! If you ever need a Realtor, Dale is a great choice!

Whether it is bringing friends together, helping someone develop their internet presence, or helping someone buy or sale a home, Dale puts his heart into all that he does. Please join me in thanking Dale for doing a great job on 365!

Thank you Dale! We look forward to what you have planned for us in the future!

Chris Hill