11 Apr 2008

New Conforming Loan Limits

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In case you haven’t heard, the federal government has changed the conforming loan limits as part of President Bush’s economic stimulus plan. This affects which mortgage loans are considered “conforming loans” and which are considered “jumbo loans”. Jumbo loans carry a higher interest rate than conforming loans. […]

7 Dec 2007

Bush Freezes Sub-Prime Mortgage Rates

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This week, President Bush reached an agreement with the mortgage industry to freeze rates for up to five years for qualifying people who bought houses in the last few years with subprime loans. The plan would allow distressed borrowers who are current on their payments to keep their low introductory […]

23 Nov 2007

Credit Score Basics

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It’s good to understand what factors affect your credit (FICO) score. The better you control these factors, the higher your score will be. Your FICO score is based on the following information:

• Payment History – Your payment history determines approximately 35% of your total credit score. This […]

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