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Clark County Winter Wonderland

That’s right, we are experiencing a real winter wonderland around here right now. It’s been some time since I remember this many “short” snow storms and freezing days this early in the year. We have tended to have fairly mild winters the last several years.

The extreme weather doesn’t seem to be letting up either. They are predicting we could get up to 6″ of snow here on the Willamette Valley floor over the weekend. Thankfully it is on the weekend and hopefully more people stay home and stay safe from the bad roads and bad drivers who seem to think they are invincible.

Winter Ducks On Biddle Lake

The above photo was taken by me today. I was heading down the Old Evergreen Hwy by Steamboat Landing and noticed that Biddle Lake was frozen over. Apparently the ducks (and one of the big white geese) missed the message about our cold weather. They were chillin’ out and posing for me. So, I had to stop and snap some photos.

Please stay home, relax and be safe during these next few days of cold weather.

Take care,

Dale Chumbley

The Chumbley Team
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One thought on “Clark County Winter Wonderland”

  1. Boomer jack Boardman says:

    Fowl walking on water!!!!

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