Day 114 of 365…

How do you know if the Chinese food you’re about to eat is going to be awesome? I’d say this is a good start!

This is a good sign!

Not only was the order taken in Chinese but there were real chopsticks on the table with no silverware and when we entered the only people eating in there were Asian.

Good Taste RestaurantWhat is this place you ask? It’s a brand new Chinese restaurant here in Vancouver called Good Taste Restaurant and their name does not lie. This place is GOOD! Good doesn’t really do this justice. This place is awesome! My friend and I had an amazing meal.

We decided to do family style so we could try a couple different things. Since it was his birthday lunch he got to pick his first choice. He chose the Beef Chow Fun with Black Bean Sauce and then we decided on the Salt & Pepper Squid. Beef Chow Fun with Black Bean SauceBoth dishes came out hot and looking great. The best Salt & Pepper Squid I’ve ever had was on a cruise ship and the dish today was as good if not better than that. The squid were all good sized, properly cooked with a light batter and just the right amount of salt and pepper. My mouth is watering again just thinking about it. The Beef Chow Fun was wonderful. I’d not had this wide noodle dish before and it did not disappoint. The beef was so tender and the flavors were delightful.

Another friend went the other day and said their Wonton Soup is incredible. I know that based upon the food and many menu items I want to try I may have discovered a new favorite Chinese restaurant here in Vancouver!

Good Taste Restaurant is located at 14930 SE Mill Plain Blvd. Suite 101, Vancouver, WA 98684 and they can be reached at 360-828-1883.

Good Taste Restaurant