Day 119 of 365…

Looking for someplace simple for the entire family? A place that you can find a little something for everyone. Would you like there to be some healthier choices of food to eat? Why not stop by the only Sweet Tomatoes in the entire State of Washington? Sweet TomatoesThat’s right, our Sweet Tomatoes is one of only 4 in the entire Pacific Northwest. I had no idea there was only one in Washington. I am thankful that it is right here conveniently located for my family and our community.

We’ve frequented Sweet Tomatoes since they first opened. We still have fond memories of “Tigger” who worked there and treated our kids so wonderfully all those years ago. We still continue to have friendly workers and always find fresh food. Sweet Tomatoes Cream of Mushroom soupYou may be thinking it’s just salad and that’s it. I’ll tell you, it is salad and a whole lot more. You’ll find at least a half dozen wonderful soups, three fresh pasta dishes, all sorts of muffins and random other surprises. One of our most favorite things is their Monday Cream of Mushroom soup! We love it! Creamy, big fresh mushrooms, lots of flavor… Mmmm…

Curious how fresh their food is? I’ll let the Sweet Tomatoes/Souplantation website tell you:

Let’s just say within 24 hours of being in the ground, it’s on a refrigerated truck on its way to us. Our food is made from scratch every day. Our salad bar buffet features over 50 fresh ingredients, including specialty tossed and prepared salads. In addition to salads, we serve original recipe hot pastas, hand-crafted soups, scratch-made muffins, and Focaccia breads in our hot buffet. Create. Indulge. Enjoy.

Sweet Tomatoes is located at 12601 SE 2nd Circle, Vancouver, WA and can be reached at 360-891-0240. You can find them on Facebook here.

Sweet Tomatoes

Sweet Tomatoes