Day 122 of 365…

This weekend marks the Grand Opening of the Fort Vancouver Historic Village and also the Brigade Encampment re-enactment. Approximately 100 local actors will re-enact how life was around Fort Vancouver for the Hudson’s Bay Company in the early to mid 1800’s.

Fort Vancouver

Fort Vancouver Historic ReserveThe main activities take place between 10AM and 4PM June 19th and 20th, 2010. If you want to start the day even earlier you can follow the returning fur brigadiers who will start at the Columbia River waterfront at 9AM. They’ll then journey across the Land Bridge and get to the Historic Village for the 10AM celebration. The Historic Village is where two furnished homes have been constructed. This is the site where there were 60 homes for the employees of the Hudson’s Bay Company. To read even more about this weekends activities you might like to read the Official Fort Vancouver National Historic Site page.

If you stay outside the Fort for all the activities both days are completely FREE. If you want to go inside Fort Vancouver it’s $5 for a family. Kids under 15 are free. I’m planning to stop in and explore a bit and will grab some video when I do. Hopefully you can stop in to explore sometime during the two day event.