Day 137 of 365…

River Maiden Coffee HouseToday my son and I were out running errands and he was craving a Frappe so we thought we’d stop in and give River Maiden Coffee House a try. I see friends check in there fairly regular so I thought, must be pretty good. My friends aren’t wrong. We really enjoyed it.

River Maiden Coffee House

We went to the Devine Road location which is very relaxed. There are two seating areas which gives plenty of space. The large room in the back has a mixture of tables and couches. There were several people in there enjoying a book while sipping their drinks. The front room is just tables but you get the interaction with the customers coming in and the drinks being made. This location has been open five years (I feel like an idiot for not stopping in sooner) and they opened a location downtown Vancouver about a year ago.

River Maiden Coffee House

They feature Stumptown Coffee, Nuvrei pastries, and the famed Clover Vacuum Press. In addition to Stumptown Coffee they feature 20 Tao of Tea flavors for the tea drinker. If you want to get a pastry I’d suggest you not wait until almost closing time on a Saturday. ;) They must be good since they were completely out.

River Maiden Coffee House is located in the Heights at 602 N Devine Road and Downtown Vancouver at 701 Main Street. You can connect with them on Facebook here. Look for the occasional special there.