July is the month of festivals, carnivals, celebrations and all sorts of activities all over Clark County. Today I’m going to share one from just North of Vancouver in the tiny town of Amboy, WA… If you’re in the mood for a little drive I’d like to tell you about:

Day 140 of 365…

July 9th, 10th and 11th, 2010 will be the 50th Anniversary of Amboy Territorial Days. Amboy Territorial Days 50th Anniversary stampThis local event celebrates the logging heritage of the Amboy community. Even though I do not live in this community I’ve always felt very close to it since my Great Great Grandfather Sylvester Huffman and his brother Otto and their families moved into the region as loggers in around 1893. At one point they owned a couple hundred acres in the area including the 40 acres that the Amboy Market and saw shop currently sit on. My Great Grandfather Andrew Solberg also was a logger in Amboy and my Grandmother grew up just a couple minutes West of town.

Amboy Territorial DaysThis three day event is tons of fun with all sorts of shows, food, activities and concerts. Most of it is free with a few exceptions. You can see the entire schedule here. There is also a carnival area, play area and even a parade.

I’m most excited to see the Logging Show. You’ll see Double Bucking, Jill & Jill Double Bucking, Jack & Jill Double Bucking, Modified Saw Event, Stock Chain Saw Race, Choker Setting, Obstacle Pole Over Water, Axe Throwing, Birling / Log Rolling, High Climbing 75′ (Up Only), Precision Tree Dropping and Speed Chopping. This particular event is highly attended so make sure to get there early. It begins at 1PM on Saturday and it is $5 to get in (kids 6 and under are free).

Amboy Territorial Days takes place at the Amboy Territorial Park. From Battle Ground take 503 North and keep following it. It will drop you right into Amboy. Once into town you can’t miss it.