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Day 165: Turtle Place

Day 165 of 365…

Have you seen that huge mural on the wall at 7th Street between Main Street and Washington Street Downtown Vancouver? The place that has that interesting fountain made out of old bus parts and signs? Wonder what it is? Well, it’s called Turtle Place and it’s our very own urban park made out of all recycled materials. This happens to be the old C-Tran bus mall. It is actually still owned by C-Tran but is open for the public to enjoy.

Turtle Place

Turtle Place

If you’re wandering around downtown I’d suggest you stop in and enjoy the fountain (it’s pretty cool with all it’s different features). There are also a bunch of benches and recycled concrete slabs to sit and relax on. The name Turtle Place is actually historic in nature. You can read the story right here or when you go to Turtle Place yourself while out exploring. ๐Ÿ™‚

Turtle Place

2 thoughts on “Day 165: Turtle Place”

  1. Chris Hyde says:

    I get my hair cut right across the street from there and always wondered what it was…can't believe I never took the time to find out!

    1. DaleChumbley says:

      It's an awesome people watching spot Chris. ๐Ÿ™‚

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