Day 179 of 365…

Coffee VillaOut in the Orchards area and in need of some caffeination? Maybe you’re looking for a sweet treat or some tea? I’d love to recommend you stop in at Coffee Villa and get treated like you’re part of their family. I mean that, this family owned and operated coffee house is like being in their kitchen and family room. Very warm and comfortable.

The decor is beautifully done and the furnishings are comfortable and relaxing. With the free WiFi you could make this your office away from the office. In addition to the espresso drinks you’ll also find a huge variety of blended drinks, smoothies, Italian sodas and they also have quite a few kids drinks. If you’re in a hurry you can always head through the drive-through and keep moving with your day.

Coffee VillaIn the front end of the shop you’ll find the front counter and some taller bistro tables with a few lower chairs. It may appear that this is all the seating but that isn’t true. There is a hallway that takes you back to another much larger room filled with super comfortable furniture and a cozy fireplace. This is a great place to escape away or have a meeting. You could easily have 20 or 25 people in this. I know because I was there with about 20 friends and we were very comfortable.

Coffee Villa is located in the Palms Plaza at 13011 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, #106, Vancouver, WA 98682 and can be reached at 360-892-0233. You can also connect with Coffee Villa on Facebook!

Coffee Villa