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Day 193: Old Town Antique Market

Day 193 of 365…

Downtown Vancouver has many cool antique stores to find a huge variety of things. One of my favorite’s is Old Town Antique Market on 8th & Main. It is HUGE! Three floors worth of huge. You cannot believe the amazing amounts of items in this “mall” of antiques. I’ve found tons of great gifts for people here. Stop in and check it out.

One of the cool things about this place that I love is its history. Back in 1922 this was Vancouver’s first JCPenney location. JCPenney occupied this building until 1956 when it moved a block north. As you enter Old Town Antique Market you’re still greeted by a bit of yesteryear.

Old Town Antique Market

You will find an ever-changing array of antiques and collectibles – furniture, vintage clothing, art work, porcelain, pottery, jewelry, musical instruments – a wonderful place to find that odd gift for that odd friend!

Old Town Antique Market

Old Town Antique Market is located at 806-808 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 and can be reached at 360-750-9100.

Old Town Antique Market

A little more of yesteryear hidden in the walls…
Old Town Antique Market

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