Day 199 of 365…

Whole Foods Market in Vancouver WAI often have people ask me where in town you can find natural and organic products and the answer I share is always the same… Whole Foods Market out in the Cascade Park and Fishers Landing area. This 27,000 square foot store offers an amazing selection of just about anything you can think of. They also support and carry locally grown products in their store which is great for us and for local providers. Let’s wander around the store a bit.

They have an incredible produce section for all your fresh products.
Whole Foods Market in Vancouver, WA

Their meat and deli section is amazing.
Whole Foods Market meats

Whole Foods Market features a very diverse selection of wines and beers.
Whole Foods Market in Vancouver, WA

In addition to all of these things they have tons of other sections with wonderful selections of natural and organic products. The best thing for you to do is just go in and explore for yourself. I know I always discover something new and different each time I venture in.

Whole Foods Market is located at 815 SE 160th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98683 and can be reached at 360-253-4082. You can also connect to Whole Foods Market on Facebook and Twitter.

PLUS, they have their very own “365“! How cool is that?!?!