Day 224 of 365…

Old Apple Tree Heritage Festival in Vancouver WashingtonThis Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 is the Annual Old Apple Tree Heritage Festival! The festival takes place between 11am and 4pm and celebrates the Old Apple Trees 184th year! Yes, this old gal has been holding on for 184 years.

I’m always amazed whenever I stop by to see the Old Apple Tree. Since it sits between the Columbia River Waterfront and the Land Bridge to Fort Vancouver it gets a fair amount of foot traffic. Everyone who is on this walk stops and looks at the tree. Many have no idea of it’s history yet they still stop to look. Tonight I was able to share a little history with several groups of people out enjoying our beautiful evening.

The Old Apple Tree

This event will have all sorts of local music, workshops, tastings (not from this tree, although she still is producing fruit) and arts and crafts for the kids. You can find the entire Old Apple Tree Heritage Festival schedule here. If you’ve never visited the Old Apple Tree it’s time you did so. She is getting very old and has recently lost a massive branch which has left a large hole running through her. There is no way to know how much longer the oldest living apple tree in the Pacific Northwest will make it. You’ll want to park along the Columbia River just East of Who Song & Larry’s.

Old Apple Tree Heritage Festival