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Day 249: Niche Wine Bar

Day 249 of 365…

Niche Wine Bar in Vancouver, WAWhat do you get when you mix an art gallery owner and wine enthusiast in Vancouver, WA? You get Niche Wine Bar! Niche is a wonderful new wine bar located downtown on Main Street just above Evergreen. This place is very chic with its comfortable furniture and cool artwork.

The owner of Niche Wine Bar also owns the adjoining Angst Gallery which will create some great rotating artwork for its guests. I’ll look forward to seeing how the art inside transitions.

This place is just what the name implies, a wine bar. You’ll find a very nice bar where you can order from a couple dozen different bottles by the glass or half glass. They also offer 140 different bottles you can purchase. You’ll also find a variety of appetizers to compliment your wine selection. If you’re looking for an after business hours WiFi location downtown, this is a great one.

Niche Wine Bar in Vancouver, WA

Niche Wine Bar is located at 1013 Main Street, Vancouver, WA, 98660 and can be reached at 360-980-8352. You can also connect to Niche – a wine and art bar on Facebook.

Niche Wine Bar in Vancouver, WA

Niche Wine Bar in Vancouver, WA

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