Day 26 of 365…

With springtime in the air and the temperatures starting to rise another great place to enjoy a leisurely stroll and take in our rich history is the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. This 366 acre site offers many opportunities of things to do. For this particular “Thing” we’re going to just stick with the grounds themselves. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site walkThe huge park area, the vast walking trail and the scenery in general. In future installments of “365 Things” we’ll explore specific locations, events and things to do. You can spend hours wandering, relaxing or playing at the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site. Maybe you work nearby? Why not head out at lunchtime and eat and walk. On your way home from work? Stop in to take a deep breath and enjoy a quiet moment before heading home. Maybe pack a picnic lunch and Frisbee and take the family down and enjoy the only national park in the entire Vancouver/Portland metro area.

You can also find the Fort Vancouver National Site on Facebook.

Get up, get out and enjoy this amazing area!