Day 275 of 365…

Hawaiian Time Cafe in Vancouver WAAloha! Today I ventured out and discovered a great place to enjoy a Hawaiian meal right here on the mainland. Hawaiian Time Cafe is the place. To learn a little about them you have to look no further than their Facebook profile.





Hawaiian Time Cafe was founded in 1996 in Eugene Oregon by my father Kekoa. I have opened my new store in Vancouver on Fourth Plain to carry on our family business and bring back our family’s food excellence and authenticity to our culture.

I had their Huli Huli Chicken box lunch and it was wonderful! The chicken was tender and moist beyond belief. It melted in my mouth. The flavors were wonderful and their teriyaki is awesome. It lay on a bed of rice and comes with a large portion side of macaroni salad. This was some of the best macaroni salad I’ve had. Instead of the macaroni/potato salad combo like I’m used to this is just macaroni but with the potato salad type mixture to it. No potatoes though. I loved it. My friend says the Kalua Pig is also great. I’ll be trying it next time. I got the small portion meal which was plenty for a full lunch in my opinion.

Hawaiian Time Cafe

The interior is clean and simple. They have a nice collection of Hawaiian knick knacks and surfing memorabilia. Everyone was friendly and there was a nice lunch crowd which is always nice to see. I’d recommend you become part of this lunch crowd or dinner crowd.

Hawaiian Time Cafe is located at 5000 E Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA, 98661 and can be reached at 360-993-5306. You can also connect with Hawaiian Time Cafe on Facebook.

Hawaiian Time Cafe