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Day 30: Clark County Historical Museum

Day 30 of 365…

Perhaps you need some local historical data. Maybe something from the 1600’s. Where would you go? Google? Probably not. We have our very own Google right here in Vancouver, WA. That’s right, the Clark County Historical Museum is our local resource for all historical data dating back to 1200 A.D.! That’s a long time ago!

Clark County Historical MuseumThe museum opened in 1964 and is located in Vancouver’s 1909 Carnegie Library at 1511 Main Street. It is operated by the Clark County Historical Society which dates back to 1917. The museum houses all sorts of local artifacts, photographs, documents plus a museum store. Currently the main exhibit is “Expressions of Community: Women Embracing Art” which is housed on the entire lower floor. Stop in Tuesday through Saturday between 11AM – 4PM and check it out.

You can support our Historical Museum a number of ways… First, GO THERE! Second, purchase an annual membership. Third, maybe volunteer? Fourth, get down there and find out how else you can support them…

You can find the Clark County Historical Museum on Facebook as well. Stop on by and “fan” them up.

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