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Day 336: Thai Little Home

Day 336 of 365…

Thai Little Home in Vancouver WAThai Little Home. You know the place. You’ve driven by it a thousand times over the last almost 20 years and probably wondered if there’s any reason to stop in and check it out. I’m here to tell you there are lots of reasons to check it out.

I had done what I described above; I’ve driven past this Fourth Plain Thai restaurant for years and years and never stopped. Seems I always have some reason. I finally decided to pop in on some friends who were dining at Thai Little Home and check it out for myself. I was nicely surprised. Their interior is nicely decorated and their food is excellent. My friends told me they used to eat here about once a week and apparently it’s also a hot spot for local law enforcement to enjoy a meal. They are typically a trustworthy bunch when it comes to eating establishments. 🙂

I decided to just order the salad rolls and these two rolls were huge! I ate both of them and they were wonderful. My friends meals both looked great as well and next time I’ll get a full meal myself.

Thai Little Home

One of the cool things they offer is a killer happy hour menu of $3.50 items. This is good news since you don’t often find happy hour at a Thai place. Thai Little Home also will deliver.

Thai Little Home is located at 3214 E Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661 and can be reached at 360-693-4061.

Thai Little Home

Thai Little Home

Check out this Happy Hour menu!
Thai Little Home

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