Day 343 of 365…

By The Bottle and The Tap RoomAttention beer lovers! You need to explore By The Bottle and The Tap Room if you haven’t already done so! I personally do not like any form of beer, but for all my friends who do, this place is like Disneyland of the beer world.

Imagine walking in and being able to select any bottle you want from around 600 at any time. Over the course of the year about 2,000 labels will run through By The Bottle. That’s insane! They pride themselves on carrying lots of things you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the Pacific NW. I do believe they are succeeding at this goal.

By The Bottle & The Tap Room

Just beyond the coolers and racks of beer you’ll find The Tap Room. This room features 8 beers on tap plus you can buy whatever bottle up front you’d like and bring it in and enjoy it right on site. This is such a cool feature. You and your buddies can all go in, pick whatever you’d like and enjoy it right there. Plus, you are able to bring in your own food to enjoy with your brew.

By The Bottle is definitely a place to check out on a regular basis since they are constantly rotating their selection of beers. You’ll find things from all over the world. Small bottles, medium sized bottles and large wine sized bottles. It really is amazing to see how many bottles they carry.

By The Bottle and The Tap Room are located at 104 W Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver, WA, 98660 and can be reached at 360-696-0012. You can connect to By The Bottle on Facebook as well.

By The Bottle & The Tap Room

This made me smile… Had to snap it!
By The Bottle & The Tap Room