Day 357 of 365…

Pearson Air Museum and Air Field in Vancouver WAIt dawned on me yesterday, I hadn’t shared Pearson Air Museum here on 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA. How is that possible? I’ve shared a few events throughout the year that have taken place at Pearson Air Museum and on Pearson Field but never the actual museum.

Today is the day. Pearson Air Museum is a great tribute to aviation locally and beyond. This museum is filled with some amazing airplanes and experimental flying devices. Planes from World War I and World War II sit inside this wooden hangar that was built in 1918. It is the second oldest wooden hangar in the United States. It sits alongside Pearson Air Field which is the nations oldest active airstrip. (Side note: if you’ve ever wondered why downtown Vancouver doesn’t have super tall buildings, it’s partially due to Pearson flight restrictions)

Pearson Air Museum Airplane

In the shop you’ll find a huge selection of memorabilia, books, games and other aviation related material. Another cool feature is you can rent out the main hangar as well as other areas of the museum and field. Whether you need a space for 25 or 2,500 they can accommodate you (they can actually handle up to 5,000). Please click through to get information on Pearson Air Museum event rentals.

Pearson Air Museum is located at 1115 E Fifth Street, Vancouver, WA 98661 and can be reached at 360-694-7026. You can also connect with Pearson Air Museum on Facebook.

Pearson Air Field

Pearson Air Museum

1905 Baldwin Airship at Pearson Air Museum