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Day 363: Lapellah Restaurant

Day 363 of 365…

Lapellah Restaurant in Vancouver WAI’ve been hearing about how great Lapellah Restaurant is for quite some time. I decided it was finally time to “check it out” myself. I’m glad I did.

They have a very hip decor to the place. I loved seeing the huge wood stove as I entered. I’m sure they cook lots of tasty foods in there. I’ll look forward to going back to explore more. I decided to sample some of the Happy Hour menu tonight. I chose to have the Wedge Salad and an order of their Calamari. Both were excellent. A typical Wedge Salad comes with Blue Cheese and crumbled blue cheese but I’m not a huge fan. They were kind enough to dress up one with some Thousand Island for me. The salad and calamari were both excellent. The calamari were lightly battered and very tender. There were also huge chunks of freshly grated Parmesan Cheese shaved on top of the sauce and calamari. I found this to be a very nice addition to this item.

Lapellah Restaurant in Vancouver, WA

Lapellah Restaurant is located at 2520 Columbia House Blvd., Suite 108, Vancouver, WA, 98661 and can be reached at 360-828-7911. You can also connect with Lapellah Restaurant on Facebook.

Lapellah Restaurant in Vancouver, WA

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