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Day 47: Happy Easter & Enjoy Your Family/Friends

Day 47 of 365…

Happy Easter Vancouver, WA and beyond! I hope that this day finds you all well. I thought about what I should do for today’s “Thing” and kept coming back to the same decision…

Easter Sunday at Grace Foursquare ChurchMaybe you are going to your normal church service? Perhaps you’ve been invited to visit a friends church? Maybe you’re going out to an Easter morning brunch? Possibly just staying in for the day? Whatever you’re doing I hope that you fully enjoy your friends and family. Whoever you spend the day with I hope it is a blessed day filled with love and happiness.

I’m not going to “highlight” a specific place but encourage everyone to enjoy whatever big or little blessings you have in your world. If you need some ideas of something to do please feel free to scroll back through the first 46 days and there are plenty of ideas already highlighted.

I love this song and thought it was fitting for today.

(WARNING: graphic scenes from The Passion of the Christ)

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