Day 49 of 365…

As a recipient of blood and platelets myself this “Thing To Do” in Vancouver, WA is near and dear to my heart. Please take a minute to listen to a snippet of my story

Even Vancouvers own Greg Biffle donates bloodWe have a wonderful American Red Cross Donor Center right next to Vancouver Mall just waiting for you to come in and donate. Some will donate whole blood, some platelets, maybe a few of you would step up and do Apheresis (those donation stations are pretty cool with laptop computers and DVD players). This is such a needed “Thing To Do” and I really hope my video and the following video will encourage you to consider blood donation if you have never considered it before. If you have donated, when was your last donation? Is it time again? Be a hero!

The donation center is closed on Thursdays and Sundays but open the other days of the week. You can find their hours on the Clark County Blood Donor Center website or you can always call them at 360-695-8522. Get out, explore and give back to our community!

If you would like to schedule a community outreach event or sponsor a drive please contact Darren Goan at (360) 989-2921 or email him at goanda (at) Tell him you heard about this on “365 Things”.

Thank you all so much!