Day 52 of 365…

I’m sitting here upstairs at Mint Tea enjoying the music and my Virgil’s Micro Brewed Root Beer while I await my Massaman Curry Soup. Mint Tea in Uptown VillageThe energy and atmosphere in this place is wonderful. The staff has all been very friendly and welcoming and the full dining area is full of life. Everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying their food and experience.

It seems I just missed Zaina Hart‘s belly dancing but I did get to visit with her and her friends. They were too fun. Sounds like they’ll be doing a belly dancing class here at Mint Tea on April 30th. Never know, maybe I’ll stop in to check it out. Mint Tea is a full service restaurant, tea house, gift store and more. They have a huge variety of loose teas ranging from Jasmine Dragon Pearls to Double Happiness Flowering Tea. They also carry several local wines including Day 11’s English Estate Winery.

They have a variety of live events that take place here. Coming this summer they will be doing their Community Drum Circles. B.Y.O.D(rum) :) Drumming begins at 6:30PM on April 28th, May 27th, June 26th, July 25th, August 24th and September 23rd. That sounds like a fun experience.

By the way, the soup was amazing! Great flavors. Full of potatoes, carrots and all sorts of great spices. Next time a full meal.

They are located in Uptown Village on 20th and Main Street in Downtown Vancouver. You can find them on Facebook as well. Stop in and check them out. You won’t be sorry.