Day 69 of 365…

Did you know Disc Golf isn’t just grabbing a Frisbee and running around throwing it at trees? Until today, this realization escaped me. Thankfully one of my friends suggested it on the Discussion board over on the Facebook “365 Things” site.

Leverich Park Disc Golf courseSo, he and I headed over to Leverich Park to play a round of Disc Golf. Fortunately he and his family are “experts” and have all the official equipment. After a quick tutorial we were on the course flinging discs. Well, he was flinging them and I was chasing mine all over the place. This is a Frisbee. I’ve done this before, it shouldn’t be that difficult. ;)

After a couple of holes I began to get the hang of it and was flinging that disc like a pro… (well maybe not like a pro but at least in the general right direction). Leverich Park’s Disc Golf course has a total of 12 holes and is very well laid out. There is a wide variety of terrain and hazards to “enjoy” here. Disc Golf successIf you haven’t played this course I’d really suggest you print out the official course layout and scorecard.

Once you get a set of discs for yourself this is an extremely inexpensive, fun exercise and entertainment. The courses are FREE and unless you lose a disc in the creek you are good to go anytime (tip: stay away from the creek with your disc). Vancouver also has a Disc Golf organization with great information.

In addition to this great course at Leverich Park we also have courses in town at Washington State University and Glenwood Community Church. So, gather your friends or family and enjoy a round of Disc Golf. I know I will!