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Day 89: Humane Society for Southwest Washington

Day 89 of 365…

Humane Society for Southwest WashingtonToday I found myself out along NE 192nd Avenue waiting for an appointment and thought, why not stop in and check out the new Humane Society For Southwest Washington facility. Let me say, this place is very nice. It is a huge upgrade from the old facility down by the rail yard just west of downtown Vancouver. Did you know the Humane Society For Southwest Washington has been in operation since 1897!

They have a huge wing for cats and another large section for all the dogs. I wandered through all of the areas witnessing big kids, little kids, couples, singles all hoping to find a new member of their family. I believe several new bonds for life were formed today while I was there. Cooper from Humane Society for Southwest WashingtonI know two friends stuck out in a big way to me. First was Mimosa the cat and second was Cooper the beagle. Cooper was very quiet and polite and quite happy to see me (non-stop tail wagging).

In addition to being able to adopt the newest member of the family here you can volunteer to do all sorts of things plus they offer a ton of classes, camps and programs for kids between 3 and 14. To get more information about these things you can call them at 360-213-2630 or email them at education (at)

The new center is located at 1100 NE 192nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98684 and you can reach them at 360-693-4746. They can also be found on Facebook!

Click through this video to learn more and see my newest friends…

2 thoughts on “Day 89: Humane Society for Southwest Washington”

  1. cheriberi says:

    If I already didn't have a beagle I'd run right down there and get Cooper. Oh my gosh!!! I love your blog . . . . thanks for all the great ideas!

    1. DaleChumbley says:

      I know! He is so adorable. I sure hope someone from here goes and gives Cooper a wonderful home. He deserves it (as do all the others there too). Thanks for reading and enjoying. 🙂

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