Day 98 of 365…

Today I found myself in Salmon Creek again and in need of midday nourishment (aka lunch). I thought I’d try someplace new since that’s what this “365 Things” is all about. Bamboo Hut Healthy GrillI explored a bit and discovered Bamboo Hut Healthy Grill. I must say, I’m sad that it took me 10 years to discover this place (yes, they’ve been family owned and operated here for 10 years). Their food is really good.

I ordered the Yakisoba and Veggies plate. When this plate arrived at my table I was a bit surprised at first. As is typical with a lot of places that serve yakisoba you expect to find a huge heaping pile of noodles. This was not my experience here. I was served what is probably closer to a normal portion of noodles. As I mentioned, I was at first surprised. Then I took a second to ponder the name on the front of the building… Bamboo Hut HEALTHY Grill. Yakisoba and Veggies at Bamboo HutAh, this means I’m being served a normal sized portion of food rather than enough to feed an army. Cool. The yakisoba was excellent! It was well prepared and the teriyaki was very flavorful. The broccoli and carrots were also well prepared and just the right amount. Guess what, when I finished my plate of food I was full! I felt good the rest of the day and didn’t find myself feeling hungry. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere… ;) I really enjoyed my experience at Bamboo Hut and will continue to try new dishes there.

Bamboo Hut is located in the Salmon Creek Fred Meyer complex at 800 NE Tenney Rd Ste 104, Vancouver, WA, 98685 and can be reached at 360-574-1351. You can find Bamboo Hut on Facebook as well.