Fountains at The Bellagio

Fountains at The Bellagio

Sundays need to be about getting away. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life, getting away from work, getting out and enjoying life.

Since it’s not always possible to “get away” from here, I’ll be posting photos & videos from fun places I’ve been or would love to go.

One of our favorite places to go to is Las Vegas. My family loves to head out to the pools and play in the water and enjoy the heat. I am not a heat lover but I love to get out and enjoy all the amazing themed casinos. Our last trip to Vegas was a year ago. We stayed at Mandalay Bay because of their amazing pools for the kids to enjoy.

As you may know, I love photography and Vegas is a real playground for me and my camera.


Paris In Vegas

Excalibur In Vegas

Vegas Light Painting

and one of my favorite pictures of the trip…

In The Puddle

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