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Keep the lights on…

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the absence on here. Real estate has been going really well and I’ve been quite busy.

Busy showing houses to quite a few buyers. As we have been looking at all sorts of homes a trend has been noticed. Not enough sellers leave their lights on inside the home for showings. This is something that definitely helps makes your house feel lighter and brighter, even on a sunny day. I understand it is tough to leave all the lights on when you go to work but do the best you can.

A properly staged home is so important (a topic to be covered at another time) and lighting is critical to that. Unfortunately we have many grey and gloomy days in Clark County and you need to help “brighten” things up with the simple flip of a switch.

It is also a good idea to roll open those mini blinds before leaving the house. Another way to make a home feel more spacious and bright.

As inventory in Clark County is more plentiful the seller’s need to be more diligent in creating a bright inviting environment for the buyer’s to fall in love with!

Take care and make sure you leave the lights on,

The Chumbley Team


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