Thursday night at 10:30 p.m. KPTV Channel 12 will be airing a special presentation. It was filmed in Nicaragua. It highlights life inside the landfill outside the capital city of Managua. A whole city has been formed inside this most horrible location that lives off whatever garbage they can get.

I had the priveledge of attending a fundraiser for a local Vancouver, WA based organization, Forward Edge International this past Saturday. The event was specifically designed for this location. The work they are doing there is unbelievable.

As you are enjoying the freedom’s and luxuries we all enjoy this Thanksgiving, please take 30 minutes to watch this program. If it is too late for you, set up a tape, DVR or Tivo it. You need to see what is happening and search your heart to consider helping out.

Take care,

Dale Chumbley

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