Ah, my beloved hometown. The place I’ve called home for 40 years now. The place where I’m raising my kids. The place where I get to sell real estate. Olympics? Where are the Olympics?The place I get to give tours to when new customers come into town. The place that continues to elude and baffle people. The place that is NOT the home to the 2010 Winter Olympics. The place that is NOT in Canada.

Yes, this dilemma has gone on longer than I’ve been alive. Anytime I meet someone I have to be very clear that MY Vancouver is NOT in Canada. After a couple go arounds I manage to get them to the right location. I also refuse to say I’m from Portland, OR since I’M NOT. I love all my Portland friends and spend a good deal of time over there but I am not from there. One of the beautiful things about living in Vancouver, WA is that I can be downtown Portland in about 15 minutes. I can be at the Portland International Airport in less than 10 minutes (yes, I live very close to the Columbia River).

If you watch my video on the top right side of this blog you’ll see a bit of the identity crisis and how I deal with it. Take two minutes and watch it. Already seen it? Watch it again. It’s pretty funny stuff. :) My good friend Chris Martin at Chris Martin Studios here in Vancouver, WA made it for me. He’s awesome!

Now, MSNBC and the Today Show is jumping on the “which Vancouver is Vancouver” bandwagon. Check out this fun video they created. Made me laugh a pretty decent laugh.

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Want to learn more about my Vancouver? Give me a shout. I’m happy to tell you why it’s awesome and why I love it here in #TheCouve.