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22 Dec 2007

“How To Sell Your Home” In Black and White

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Daniel Rothamel of Charlottesville, VA hosts The Real Estate Zebra blog. He has started a new video series called “Real Estate In Black and White” and the first video is really cool. We thought we’d post it here since it’s message is universal throughout the real estate […]

7 Dec 2007

Bush Freezes Sub-Prime Mortgage Rates

By |2007-12-07T23:45:00-07:00December 7th, 2007|Categories: Clark County WA, Finance/Mortgage|0 Comments

This week, President Bush reached an agreement with the mortgage industry to freeze rates for up to five years for qualifying people who bought houses in the last few years with subprime loans. The plan would allow distressed borrowers who are current on their payments to keep their low introductory […]

6 Dec 2007

Help For the Flood Victims

By |2007-12-06T07:21:00-07:00December 6th, 2007|Categories: Things to Do|0 Comments

People from around the country have been watching the news and seeing the devastation that has happened from the floods in Washington and Oregon. Thankfully, Clark County was left relatively unscathed from the recent deluge that hit the Northwest. But other areas weren’t so lucky. The communities of Centralia and […]

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