This month Thom Singer of “The Some Assembly Required Blog” is hosting The Celebrate Passion Project. This project is to honor people who have a special spark for life or help others to discover ways to re-ignite the internal passions for our world. You should check out his blog to read about the people in his world and you might consider the people in yours to look for those that have that passion. Then take a moment to blog about them to give honor and recognition.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a young man who has a passion for people like I haven’t seen in a very long time. His name is “I Hunky Dory”. You might think to yourself who names someone that? Well, I think he did. My family was blessed to take a Mexican Riviera cruise a couple weeks ago and we met him on the ship. He is from Indonesia and probably chose his working name himself. His name is most appropriate given his zeal for life.

“I Hunky Dory” doesn’t have the most glamorous job on the ship. His job is to hand people a tray with one bowl and one small plate in the buffet line on the Lido Deck. That’s it, hand the tray and smile. Well, this seemingly mundane job isn’t enough for him. His real job is people. From the first moment you enter the line he greets you, asks you your name and finds out who you are with. He then proceeds to learn their names as well. Once you move down the line he does this all over again with the next family or individual. Now the amazing part. Any time you see him over the next 7 days, he knows your name. If you aren’t with your family, he will ask how they are… by name! He was an absolute joy to visit with as his passion for life and people was so contagious.

The most amazing thing about “I Hunky Dory” is that his goal is to learn the names of AT LEAST 400 individuals each week! Not 4, not 40 but no less than 400. How incredible is that? Not bad for someone who’s “job” is to hand out trays. We can all learn something from this young man’s ability. Never say you can’t do something and never think that you are unimportant in the big picture of life. We all have those special abilities if we would stop telling ourselves we “can’t” and begin figuring out how we “can”.

Thank you Hunky Dory for making our vacation, well, Hunky Dory!

Take care,

Dale Chumbley

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