That’s what this thing is. You probably have wondered as I have what they are building across Hwy 14 as you pass by Fort Vancouver. This is a natural path 40′ wide crossing which will reconnect the Fort to our waterfront.

Back in the day you used to be able to walk from one to the other and as growth has happened this link was broken. Now this link is being rebuilt. This will hopefully provide a renewed appreciation of our long history with our very own Fort Vancouver and the Hudson’s Bay Trading Company. Our waterfront has become a great place to enjoy wonderful food, incredible views and even a little excercise. Now that trail becomes just a little bit longer.

Through the efforts of Confluence Project members, the National Park Service, the City of Vancouver and the Washington State Department of Transportation this has been able to happen. The estimated cost of this project is $12.25 million and was funded through federal, state and private funding.

Completion of this project is slated for the end of 2007. Once it is complete make sure and get out there and take a walk to enjoy this great new feature in beautiful Clark County.

Take care,

Dale Chumbley

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