It’s hard to believe 365 Things To Do In Vancouver WA was created 10 years ago! So much has changed and there are so many new things to do I figured it was time to update the site. Some days will be updates to original blogs like today. Some days I’ll introduce you to new things to do in and around Vancouver and the surrounding Clark County, WA area.

Hello, this is Dale Chumbley with the Clark County Real Estate Guide and this is 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, Washington.

Today on 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, Washington I will be talking about the Columbia River Waterfront. Our new waterfront is absolutely beautiful when it’s all said and done over a billion dollars will be spent creating an amazing space for our community to enjoy for decades to come.

The Waterfront Park has over seven acres of beautiful area to play and enjoy. The Headwaters Wall is the new interactive water feature that gives historical information about our area as well as a fun place for kids and adults alike to play.

The Grant Street Pier is an absolutely beautiful showcase piece that sticks out over the Columbia River 90 feet giving spectacular views up and down the Columbia River, into Portland and all around the surrounding area.

Along the riverfront trail, you’ll see one of my favorite things which is some beautiful archive pieces that were discovered while excavating. Make sure you stop and read the plaque about the different things you’ll see. Another thing you’ll notice is all of the areas that have been created for play. There’s beautiful playgrounds as well as large sand pits.

Make sure you take time to stop and enjoy our spectacular sunsets. Definitely, check it out.

Original Day 1 of 365 introduction:

Today begins a new little project I’m going to attempt. I’ll be posting one new thing to do each day for the next year in Vancouver, WA. Maybe a park to visit. Perhaps a restaurant, fun activity or hidden gem that not a lot of people know about. This will hopefully be a great community resource from the perspective of a lifelong resident who loves his hometown and also a great resource for those looking to relocate to Vancouver.

Day 1 of 365…

Vancouver’s Columbia River waterfront is absolutely beautiful. Whether watching planes, boats, Mt Hood, the I-5 bridge or all the people and wildlife it is always an enjoyable time.