Welcome to the 100th day of 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA! For those who’ve been following along and getting out and exploring our wonderful city, thank you very much! All our local businesses, parks, trails, events and miscellaneous things really appreciate it. It is so important for our whole community to have the support of us who live here.

Day 100 of 365…

I thought what better way to kick off the 100’s than with Fort Vancouver! Fort Vancouver is our hub. The initial heart of the place I love and have called home my entire life. They were our stores, shops, barber, grocer, maker of stuff, it all happened in that little “town”. Fort Vancouver has a rich history.

How long has it been since you’ve gone? Have you ever gone? Are you new to the area and wondered what’s inside? No matter where you fall into those questions, I’d recommend you make time in the near future to head to Fort Vancouver and go in exploring. My daughter and I spend half a day there last fall and had a blast. Here are some pics from our day there.

They really new how to get an awesome view of Mt Hood
Fort Vancouver

The Bastion for protection and lookout
Fort Vancouver

Inside Fort Vancouver
Fort Vancouver

If you haven’t been in a while you might go this weekend with it being Memorial Day. On Memorial Day visitors will experience an 1860s-era weapons salute. There are other activities happening around the Fort over this weekend too.