Day 101 of 365…

With tomorrow being Farmers Market in Esther Short Park Slocum House TheatreI thought this would be a good time to share about the Slocum House Theatre Company. I thought this since they offer FREE shows to the public on Farmers Market Saturdays!


Slocum House in Esther Short ParkI think free is a very good price. Why not head down to Esther Short and take in a little Farmers Market, catch one of the shows put on by our very own Slocum House Theatre Company. Did you know 2010 is their 45th Anniversary Season? How cool is that! The Slocum House Theatre is Vancouver’s oldest Non-Profit Community Theater. On top of that, the Slocum House is one of our areas oldest homes with some serious history. I love the fact that this house was sold by Esther Short to W. L. Stabler for the sum of $225 in 1849. I guess that appeals to my love of real estate.

Slocum House Theatre Company is located at 605 Esther Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 and can be found on Facebook as well!

Slocum House Theatre Company