Day 102 of 365…

Today I stopped in to see one of my friends Michael Beirwagen play in his band “Those Guys”. Let me say, they are all great guys and wonderful to listen to! “Those Guys” were playing at Gouger Cellars Winery. I hadn’t decided on what I was going to cover for today’s “Thing To Do” but after arriving I had no question…

With a story like this how can you not love these guys?
Gouger Cellars Winery

I first met Bonnie and later met Gary during this wine tasting event. They are both wonderful! As I’ve said here over and over, you really need to say hi to the owners of our local businesses. They are so great and have so much to share. Gary and Bonnie were no different. One of Bonnie’s passions is her business Brownies From Heaven. These delectable truffle brownies are amazing! They are quite appropriately named. :) Gary loves the art of crafting wine. The following is from their site.

Gary Gougér’s passion for winemaking began as an amateur, but after being awarded numerous international Gold medals he decided it was time to ‘go pro.’ This journey took him to Australia where he trained at one of the world’s finest winemaking schools, which in combination with his chemistry background brought his wines to a whole new level.

Mine Mine Mine dessert wine from Gouger CellarsI had a wonderful afternoon at Gouger Cellars listening to the live music, enjoying some amazing appetizers and specialty balsamic vinegars and sipping on their Mine, Mine, Mine “dessert wine” (aka Port). They are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week for tasting. I’d really recommend you go in and enjoy an afternoon or evening with them. You won’t regret it.

Gouger Cellars Winery is located at 1812 Washington Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 and can be reached at 360.909.4707. They can also be found on Facebook.