Day 105 of 365…

Today I’m going to share about The Wiener Wagon in downtown Vancouver. You know the place. Green and white striped food cart that sits on the corner of Main and 12th Street. Me and Wacky McWienerHas a big huge hot dog man standing out front. Yes, a life sized hot dog man. His name is Wacky McWiener. He’s really a great guy. ;)

The Wiener Wagon is owned and operated by Skip Ballweber. He’s been doing this since 1976 here in downtown Vancouver. As I stood in line today I was amazed how many of the people he knew. He knew who they were and what they eat. It was very cool to watch. Years ago I worked in the building he sits in front of and used to eat there a ton. It was nice to enjoy another Frito Pie, it had been far too long.

The Wiener Wagon Frito Pie

While in line I heard this…

“Skip, if you didn’t make them so good I wouldn’t keep coming back”

That says it all. You will find The Wiener Wagon open Monday through Friday from 10:30AM to 3PM. I’d recommend you head over and enjoy.