Day 124 of 365…

Would you believe me if I told you there is a place in Vancouver, WA that is importing everything directly from Philadelphia to bring you an authentic Philly Cheesesteak experience? Well I’m here to tell youit’s true!

Philly Bilmos CheesesteaksTucked into a Cascade Park/Fishers Landing strip mall you’ll find an amazing East Coast deli. This deli is known as Philly Bilmos Cheesesteaks and you need to check them out. A good friend of mine eats here several times per week and I now know why. They really do import most of their ingredients in from Philly so we can have as real of cheesesteak experience as possible this side of Philadelphia.

Traditional Philly Cheesesteak in Vancouver WAFor my first time I had to get the traditional cheesesteak and it was awesome. Tons of super flavorful thinly sliced steak, onions and melted white American cheese served on Amoroso Bread. This 8″ sandwich rocked. I got the lunch special which included incredible shoestring seasoned fries. My friend Bruce Elgort got the Italian and it looked incredible as well. They don’t just serve cheesesteaks, they have a full menu with salads, pastas, all sorts of sides and Boar’s Head hot dogs. These sound really good!

Tastykake In Vancouver, WA

Philly Bilmos not only brings in Philly’s best for our cheesesteak experience but they are also importing in Philadelphia’s own Tastykake’s! For almost 100 years Tastykake has brought tasty goodness to the world and Philly Bilmos is bringing that goodness to us in Vancouver. My 39th Birthday Tastykake partyI had my first Tastykake experience last year on my 39th birthday. I was fortunate enough to go to a real estate conference in New York City where I spent my birthday with about 100 dear friends. My friend Kim Wood from Philadelphia brought me my very own Tastykake and they all sang happy birthday to me and it was amazing! I love that I can now experience Tastykake whenever I want with a very short drive.

Philly Bilmos Cheesesteaks is located at 2100 SE 164th Ave D105, Vancouver, WA, 98683 and can be reached at 360-944-1006. They are open Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. You can find them on Facebook as well. Be their FAN! You will in real life too! :)

Philly Bilmos Cheesesteaks

Tastykake in Vancouver WA!

Philly Bilmos Cheesesteaks

Philly Bilmos Cheesesteaks