Day 125 of 365…

Today I’d love to highlight something that I drive past almost every day. My main office is located in Columbia Tech Center and I regularly drive down Tech Center Drive between SE 164th Avenue and Mill Plain. Along this drive sits a very wide walking, biking, running trail. Not only are there huge paths but there are a half dozen ponds and waterfalls hugging these trails.

Waterfall at Columbia Tech CenterThese ponds are the occasional home to ducks, birds, dragonfly’s and all sorts of other random wildlife. They are beautiful ponds and the waterfalls are fantastic. These aren’t little “trickling” waterfalls. They are of significant size and sound. It’s a great place to take a little break. I love to grab my iPhone 3GS or Canon and shoot some photos. I’m not the only one, I regularly see photographers along this trail making photos.

Columbia Tech Center fountains

Enjoy for yourself. Come on out and wander along the trails. You’ll also find cool huge flat rocks and park benches to sit and take in the sounds of falling water.

Columbia Tech Center Trails, Waterfalls & Ponds

Columbia Tech Center Trails, Waterfalls & Ponds