Day 149 of 365…

Battle Ground Skate Park is insane! Absolutely off the hook… One of (if not THE) largest skate park I’ve ever seen in person. I stood and watched the skateboarders, bike riders and scooter riders for quite a while. This course truly is amazing.

The street area is huge. The bowl areas are enormous. I was blown away at the depth of the big bowls in the back. I don’t know the height but the rim was way over everyone’s head.

Battle Ground Skate Park

If you are a skateboarder or extreme bike rider anywhere in the Clark County area and you don’t already know about this skate park you need to get there. It is just North of Vancouver in Battle Ground, WA on the East end of town in Fairgrounds Park.

I’m serious. Load up and take the drive. If you just like to watch skaters they have several bleacher areas for viewing.