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Day 349: Columbia Tech Center Amphitheater and Park

Day 349 of 365… Previously I’ve shared about the walking trails throughout Columbia Tech Center but I’ve not shared the hidden treasure of the 12 acre park and amphitheater at Columbia Tech Center. Tucked between Columbia Ridge Elementary School and the Riverview Bank building you’ll

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Day 183: Truth Skate ’10

Wow! With this being my 183rd post I’m officially entering the second half of this “little” project. 🙂 Day 183 of 365… This Saturday, August 21st is the second annual Truth Skate ’10 event. If you’re a skateboarder or bike rider (or know one) you

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Day 132: Water Works Park and Swift Skatepark

Day 132 of 365… Just North of Clark College Campus you’ll find the 20 acre beautifully treed Water Works Park. Water Works is part of the Vancouver Central Park area. Even though this is not officially a “park” you’d never know it. In reality this

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Day 72: Bad Monkey – Bikes Board & Skate

Day 72 of 365… I really love doing this “365 Things” project here in Vancouver. I get to discover some really cool places and some awesome new people. People I wouldn’t have necessarily met. I want to encourage everyone to really start thinking about our