Day 15 of 365…

Today I’ll be introducing some of you to a little Vancouver history that is still alive and kicking. Before anyone reading this post was alive my Great-Great Grandparents were shopping at the Orchards Feed Mill in the Orchards area of Vancouver. Orchards Feed MillThey actually lived in Orchards and were chicken farmers. This would have been one of the places they frequented. The feed mill has been in business since 1889! I spoke to my grandmother tonight who is 83 years old and she said she remembers the Orchards Feed Mill looking just like it does now when she was a very young girl. What’s even cooler is they still provide the same wonderful service now that they did all those years ago. Today I witnessed a steady stream of customers come in, be greeted and helped find what they need. Then, without prompting they picked up whatever had been purchased and carried it out and loaded it up for the customer. How rare is that to find anymore?

So you don’t need feed supplies? No problem, that’s not all they carry. They have a wide variety of yard and garden supplies. All sorts of different pet supplies and foods. They even sell chickens! :) They carry lots of other fun and interesting things as well. I’d suggest you head in and check out the character and charm of this little bit of history.

They are located behind the huge Orchards Feed Mill mural painted on the wall on Fourth Plain and Gher Road (take a good look at that mural sometime, my grandma remembers when it looked like that and the trolley car rolled through there). Their address is 6017 Northeast 109th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98662 and they can be reached at (360) 892-3001.